Repair and maintenance

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Repair and maintenance

Hong Kong Saul International Medical Investment Co., Ltd., the company’s products to provide quality after-sales service. During the term of service of the project, the customer’s quality problems and maintenance requests to provide high-quality excellent service within the specified time, if the equipment hardware damage caused by the failure can not be solved on-site repair, the Company provides a written analysis of the failure report, and provides hardware repair cost report (or replacement of new hardware equipment price) to give the customer reference (free repair and maintenance services are available during the warranty period). Repair and maintenance services include hotline repair services, inspection and maintenance, quarterly system comprehensive inspection, as well as normal maintenance needs to replace new hardware equipment or repair hardware equipment after damage.

The Company set up a special technical maintenance department, to assume the company’s project maintenance and maintenance after-sales tasks, the maintenance services provided for in-place maintenance (serious problems can be brought to the enterprise after-sales service maintenance). The Company is committed to providing spare parts are guaranteed to be original new genuine.

Service culture

Service culture

Exceeding customer expectations – By delivering value for money to our customers, we will maximize the value of each customer’s equipment.

Exceeding industry standards – By implementing the highest service standards in the industry, we achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Enthusiasm for service
Good service
High quality of service
The service team is strong

Service overview

Service overview

Daily maintenance

Hong Kong Saul International Medical Investment Co., Ltd. provides basic maintenance work for enterprises, solves problems arising from daily use, and provides technical maintenance services.

Quarterly system detection

Every quarter, the company provides comprehensive system inspection of the product, enabling the product system to operate steadily.

Inspection maintenance

Every once in a while the Company provides inspection tasks, for customers to carry out regular inspection and maintenance services to ensure the normal operation of products.

Annual maintenance

For enterprises to provide an annual all-round systematic equipment testing tasks.

China division company since the beginning of preparation, uphold the "norms, professional, standards" core concept, all employees need to pass strict training, assessment, now has a skilled, dream and passion of the service team, service network covering 34 provinces and cities across the country.

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