Information consulting

Information consultation

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Service Overview:

Hong Kong Saul International Medical Investment Co., Ltd., adhering to the “norms, professional, standards” of the corporate purposes, carefully serve every customer. Telephone consulting, product consulting, expert answers, technical advice and other series of services only for all aspects to solve customer problems, no worries.

call centre

Free consulting services

Senior experts

Industry senior experts sit for free to answer questions

Product information

Learn more about the product online

Technical advice

Stay up-to-date with the latest product developments from anywhere

Telephone consultation

Hong Kong Saul International Medical Investment Co. , Ltd. provides dedicated line online telephone service consulting, for each customer to provide comprehensive information, answer a variety of product-related questions, only to let each customer more comprehensive understanding of the relevant products.

Product consulting

Professional product experts, personally for you to answer a variety of product information, product features, product basic information and product instructions and so on all aspects for you to answer, so that each customer has an in-depth understanding of this product.

Senior experts

Senior experts online personally for each customer to solve a variety of related industry problems, do not charge any fees, only for the service of each customer.

Technical services

The Company provides effective technical support for each customer, including on-site technical and use training, fault handling and performance tuning, the customer's proposed technical support and maintenance will be "responsive, responsive", to the user's satisfaction as the ultimate goal of this work.

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