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Equipment rental and sale
Quality changes the world Service creates value

Rental services:

Hong Kong Saul International Medical Investment Co., Ltd., founded in 2020, is a company focused on providing medical beauty institutions with a full range of beauty industry solutions service providers, is committed to medical beauty institutions to provide medical beauty equipment rental services. Customer satisfaction as the standard, combined with the company’s intelligent customer service system, truly for customers to achieve “time-saving, effort-saving and more effort-saving” needs, to become their medical beauty good and partner. Company a series of efficient, capable technical team, designed for equipment leasing and after-sales service, just a phone call, you can get our quality service, in order to make every customer with peace of mind.

Service culture

Service culture

Exceeding customer expectations – By delivering value for money to our customers, we will maximize the value of each customer’s equipment.

Exceeding industry standards – By implementing the highest service standards in the industry, we achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Enthusiasm for service
Good service
High quality of service
The service team is strong

Service overview

Service overview

Technical support

An experienced team, a reasonable set of technical support and service organization management structure, is to ensure the provision of high-quality and efficient technology and services an important basis. The enterprise's technical support and service organization structure according to different service needs, only for each customer to provide better technical services.

Practice training

Professionals provide professional practice training, so that every customer can quickly understand and skilled operation of the product.

Training in expertise

Through professional knowledge training, to provide the professional skills level of the workforce, improve work efficiency, improve service quality, lay the foundation for the future development of enterprises.

Fast after-sales service

To provide fast and efficient after-sales service and excellent and strong after-sales service lineup, to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations, the project's high-quality, efficient, safe responsibility.

China division company since the beginning of preparation, uphold the "norms, professional, standards" core concept, all employees need to pass strict training, assessment, now has a skilled, dream and passion of the service team, service network covering 34 provinces and cities across the country.

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